After 15 years working in home furnishings, Donna Halloran left her corporate career behind. Taking valuable insight from her experiences, she created the ethically and environmentally sound plan for Fabricadabra, an up-and-coming line of decorative pillow covers and inserts.

“I have worked hard to be able to balance the four important criteria for the line: a non-toxic product, a fun product, an ethically sourced product and a relatively affordable product,”¯ says Halloran.

She has succeeded admirably.

Fabricadabra’s products are 100% green. Their vibrant, ornamental covers are hand-woven from natural fibers and colored with eco-friendly dyes. The organic cotton shell of their inserts is stuffed with kapok, a remarkable resource that’s “mold, mildew and dustmite resistant, completely renewable, grown without pesticides, light as air and odorless.”¯

As for style, she hits the mark again with brilliant hues and inspiration from design methods like ikat, suzani and batik that resonate around the world.

“It is all about feel-good colors and techniques that celebrate the skill and culture of the artists and craftspeople,”¯ says Halloran.

It’s clear that what matters most to Halloran is her rapport with the people she works with.

“Building meaningful relationships with suppliers who share my values and satisfying the consumer are my two biggest concerns,” says Halloran. “If I sell a pillow cover for $40, I want the consumer to feel he got a great value. If I consign weavers to produce fabric for me, I want to make sure that they are paid properly for their skills. I don’t want to be the emptiest vessel that makes the loudest noise. I just want to bring together skilled craftspeople with consumers who value their artistry, integrity and purity.”¯