The Alternative Consumer - 1/31/09

Get off the big box merry-go-round and buy quality, handmade and thoughtful products from real people and artisans like designer and creative dynamo, Donna Halloran. Donna, who’s always loved fabric, sells beautiful removable pillow covers and shells with kapok filling at her one-woman webstore, Fabricadabra.

Her decorative removable covers are made from all natural fabrics (including organic cotton) that use only natural and low impact dyes. Most pieces are handwoven – Donna has chosen to work with artisans from all around the world who still utilize pure and ancient techniques for dyeing and weaving fabrics. All decorative covers use natural dyes and are woven on hand-looms. All embroidery is hand embroidered and all artisans are paid fair wages.

As Donna says, “What I am offering you is the highest quality natural and pesticide-free textiles that shouldn’t offend your sense of beauty, function, and compassion.”