Adventures in Dressmaking - 3/11/2010
I loooove the beautiful images of ikat pillows and upholstery that have been floating around for the past couple years. I don't have any real ikat, but I have seen some cute printed faux ikat fabrics at JoAnn for spring, and I did have this tank I bought and turned into a pillow. I came across this article from the Home Workshop about how ikat is made, it is so interesting! It's a totally unique process and is seriously complicated and confusing. I read this whole thing and I don't get it!! How do they get the patterns in there? I get how there could be strips, but nothing so complicated... especially when they add multiple colors! Does the description make sense to you? What I do understand is how this easy-to-recognize fabric is everywhere in decor and is so cool and cute! (I also learned that it's pronounced "ee-kat." That one will be hard to make stick...) Like I said, I love pillows the most... Some my favorites are from Fabricadabra, which is the coolest site, by the way... the owner works with artisans all over the world and sells all kinds of great pillow covers and inserts. The artisans are guaranteed a fair wage, and the products are so stylish! The pillow inserts are made of organic cotton with a chemical-free fiber filling, too. Fabricadabra has a little explanation of ikat, too, before their page of many choices of lovely ikat pillow covers (only $25-40!)