Green Your Decor - 2/26/09

I’ve said before that throw pillows are a great, inexpensive way to “redecorate” your home once you’re tired of a certain look. For example, my husband I have a large red sectional sofa in storage that we’ve had for several years. Although the sectional is no longer my taste, with my lofty green ideals, it would be hard to justify replacing it just because I’m tired of the way it looks. We previously used deep browns, blacks and tans around the red sofa that gave our home a warm, Earthy look. As much as I like Earthy, I want something bolder with sharper contrast this time around. Since I can’t replace the sofa, I will certainly add a few pops of interest with some new accent pillows. Fabricadbra will be one of the first stops on my list.

Donna Halloran, the incredible owner of Fabricadabra, sent me one of her beautiful throw pillows to review. Without hesitation, I can honestly say that I absolutely love it. The pillow I received features a bold zebra pattern, and I’m just itching to find a great place to use it. I initially imagined bold, solid color bedding with the zebra pillow on top, but it may be a long while before I have said bedding to pair it with. For now, it resides on our bed with our existing bedding. Not exactly a match made in color heaven, I know, but I couldn’t just leave this beautiful pillow sitting in a box. It was just begging to be displayed, so displayed it is.

It may be hard to tell from the photo, but the “white” parts of the fabric aren’t pure white. They are more what I would call “natural” — a color closer to ivory. This is normal with organic cotton fabrics, as it would take a bleaching process to make them snow white. The black also has a pre-faded sort of look, which I personally think looks more natural and unique than stark black.

What’s also great is that the pillow insert is made of natural kapok fibers and covered in organic cotton as well, so it is literally green inside and out. I took closeup photos of the insert and the placement of the zipper on the back of the pillow. I took the insert out and put it back in, and the zipper placement makes it easy to do so. Organic cotton inserts will be available soon, and the inserts are sold separately from the pillow covers.

Fabricadabra carries a wide assortment of natural pillow covers, from great styles in organic cotton to ikats, suzanis, batiks and wool. The fabrics that are not organic are, in most cases, handmade by artisans throughout the world using traditional techniques. Some of the fabrics are also made from scraps from other textiles. There is no shortage of styles and colors to choose from either. You will almost definitely find something that fits your taste.

I personally love my Fabricadabra pillow, so much that I’m now considering putting it away for safe-keeping until I can find a good place to put it.